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Nour, Alaa, Ali, Carolin

Nour Alddin Kalout, Alaa Khalil, Ali Palangi, Carolin Wedler - Outsider

The refugee crisis is omnipresent in Germany - in the media, in politics, in people’s minds, conversations and neighborhoods. Vacant and provisional buildings turn into refugee shelters, some people live anonymously as a crowd in bleak air halls or industrial containers. Only a curtain indicates human existence to a passerby, only a little boy staring out of the top floor window. Names turn into numbers, units, isolated in complexes with thick walls and fences. Fences are everywhere. Fences that separate them from others and allow many people only a very impersonal approach to the topic. Thereby the refugee crisis remains a situation, not a matter of individual stories. Three short glimpses through the lens of a disposable camera and into Nour’s, Alaa’s and Ali’s lives are supposed to contrast the outsider’s view and the experience of separation.